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John Green really knows how to write with powerful, heartbreaking words.

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Read his answers here! Do you think that Ansel Elgort will be a good Gus in the movie? YES, he is perfect for the part.

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I think he will be pretty good. I'll have to see the movie to decide. No, they should recast the part. The poll was created at The contest has ended!

Which "the Fault In Our Stars" Character Are You? - ProProfs Quiz

Janvanloos The winner will be receiving a message on their message wall with instructions regarding how to claim their prize shortly. Powerful Words May 19, by TheNerdfighter. Here are a few of my favorites: Author John Green explained that the book did not feature a character named Hazel with thyroid cancer when Esther died.

Shailene Woodley Talks About Her Character Hazel in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – Teen Vogue

He says that Esther never saw any of the book before she died. As author John Green stated, he did not want to retell Esther's story, which he feels belongs to Esther and her family.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

Instead, he created the fictional character of Hazel Shailene Woodley. Their most apparent similarities are mostly the superficial things, like the oxygen tank and the form of cancer thyroid.

Other similarities include their outwardly focused personalities, their closeness to their friends and family, and their ability to be silly and funny, yet also totally normal. Both the movie's Augustus Waters character and Hazel's romance with him are fiction. Prior to the real-life death of John Green's friend Esther Earl, his story bared little resemblance to what it became. The original concept was drawn more from his earlier work as a student chaplain at a children's hospital than from his time spent with Esther.

It was basically a very flimsy, high-concept way of allowing me to think through my own thoughts and angers about death and suffering and so on.

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It was not good. After Esther succumbed to thyroid cancer in August of , Green turned to writing to deal with his feelings. I really liked her, and I was really pissed off after she died, and I had to write my way through it, because I was desperately looking for some hope in it. I am still pretty pissed off about it, for the record. I do think knowing and caring about Esther was probably the most important thing in terms of thinking about the mindsets and emotional realities of chronic illness," says Green.

I might've eventually finished a book about adolescent illness of some kind, but it wouldn't have been this one. In the first video, Esther offers an emotional and honest take on life and living with cancer.

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  • Lastly, check out the movie's trailer. Shortly before her death in August of , Esther Earl recorded this video in which she shares her honest feelings about life, cancer, and her upcoming scans, which will determine if her condition is improving or has gotten worse.