Is a senior dating a sophomore weird


  1. In HS, how is senior dating sophomore viewed compared to senior dating freshmen?
  2. Is it weird for a senior in high school to date a sophomore? - GirlsAskGuys
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  4. Is a senior dating a sophomore a little weird?

A senior should be looking to moving on from high school anyway.

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  3. In HS, how is senior dating sophomore viewed compared to senior/freshmen? | IGN Boards.

Originally Posted by HomeIsWhere Well, you didn't really specify the ages of this hypothetical senior and sophomore, so it begs the question of how many years difference there is. I've known 19 year old seniors as well as 14 year old sophmores. I would have a problem if their ages were more than 2 years apart, we're not speaking about two grown adults. My daughter is 10 years younger than her husband great guy BUT they obviously didn't meet in high school.

Yes, once one becomes legal age while the other is not changes the dynamics. We live in a different time now and what used to be acceptable is no longer the case. Originally Posted by germaine A lot of people mentioned "a two year age difference" but I would be a little concerned if it was a particularly young and immature sophomore and an older, much more mature senior.

I could easily see the younger partner being taken advantage of in that situation. But, it really is more about the individuals and not their ages.

As a junior in HS, I briefly dated a senior. And, it isn't always the boy who is the sexual predator. In another situation that I am familiar with, it was the sexually experienced sophomore girl who pressured her boyfriend, a junior, who apparently was a virgin, into having unprotected sex.

The only reason that people found out was because it resulted in an unplanned pregnancy and forced wedding. Originally Posted by izzy I dated a senior when I was a sophomore, the relationship actually lasted around 4 years.

In HS, how is senior dating sophomore viewed compared to senior dating freshmen?

He's a lovely person and we remained friends for many years afterward. I never felt extra pressure or anything because he was older. All kinds of age differences can work well, my husband and I are 14 days apart, my parents married 50 years are 3mths apart. Our good friends are 15yrs apart. It can all work. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. Similar Threads Is HS senior sophomore dating weird? Like your about to graduate, and pretty close to being an adult. And you hook up with someone whose practically a kid. Gender equality is also a slight social issue here not that I care about it here. As a young guy dating an older girl is looked higher upon. Than a dude dating a much younger girl. Sorta like the boy who hooks up with the hot female teacher is seen as lucky. Whereas the girl hooking up the older man is naturally seen as creepy.

When both scenarios are sickening. And have dire consequences for all involved parties.

Sorry, I'm a little lost here. You say 1 to 3 years isn't looked down upon, correct? From what I read, you were implying that was the case?

Is it weird for a senior in high school to date a sophomore? - GirlsAskGuys

People are going to leave for college or whatever the summer after, those that aren't will need to get jobs, and the terrible realities of life-after-high-school are going to hit you and you'll be like "High school? Oh yeah, I did that once. Then it matters in a good way. They are still together last I heard. In HS, there wasn't any looking down on their relationship based on age. They may have also starting dating when she was a junior, and he was a freshmen. If anything, it was seen as good.

As this girl was previously dating a number of her classmates one after another.

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So she was socially considered to be a rather loose woman. Till she settled down with this dude in my grade. Senior dating sophomore is fine, don't give a crap about what others think. When I was 38 I had a 19 year old gf for those who can't do math she was half my age , couldn't care less what others thought, we had a great time and made some great memories and enjoyed each others company, that's what matters. It didn't hurt that I looked and acted about 25 anyways. In statutory rape, overt force or threat is usually not present. Statutory rape laws presume coercion , because a minor is legally incapable of giving consent to the act.

So if a sophmore is usually 14, and depending on your location that is considered a minor, and the senior is an yr adult Senior and Sophomore was seen as normal age dating. Senior freshmen, was seen as one taking advantage of the younger person. And there's the legal risk of parents not approving the relationship. Which could result in the police getting invovled, as the minor hasn't reached the age of consent.

May I ask what's the particular reason this question has intrigued you so much. That's already a thing in some schools here in the Philippines. Some may find it pedophile and others, don't. It's just that other older people in my country would tell HS students to prioritize education over relationship. But if I still encounter that situation in real life then I wouldn't mind them.

As long as they're loving each other. It is kind of pointless because almost assuredly that is going to fall apart.

Is a senior dating a sophomore a little weird?

Guess it is like a trainer relationship or something. Please Log In to post. RogueStalk Follow Forum Posts:

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